Benjamin Shultz

Disinformation & Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Curriculum vitae


Online Gaming Platforms: New Marketplaces for Drugs and Avenues of Recruitment

Examined how organized crime groups and cartels are exploiting online gaming and virtual reality (OGVR) platforms to engage in illicit drug transactions and recruit youth. Constructed a novel database tracking OGVR trafficking and recruitment incidents.

Antisemitic Hate Groups: Associated Narratives, Entities, Sentiments, and Emotions

Analyzed the rise of antisemitism through the lens of hate speech on social media. Deployed a novel combination of advanced sentiment and emotion models on Twitter data to identify user emotional signature patterns consistent with prior extremist actors.

Responding to Ransomware in the Healthcare & Public Health Critical Infrastructure Sector

Examined the impacts of ransomware attacks in the healthcare and public health critical infrastructure sector in recent years. Proposed federal regulatory and legal actions which would expand NIST compliance at the state, local, and organizational levels.

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